Whether you live in inner-city Sydney, or outback Queensland, it’s important to make sure you’re paying the right amount for the cover that you require. Captain Compare understands that in a country as diverse as ours, no single car insurance policy will suit every driver.

Many of us use our cars every day, and in the event of an accident need to be sure we have access to a hire car to stay on the road. Others catch public transport or work from home, and would like to save money due to the fact they are not driving as frequently. An increasing number of people are conscious of their car’s impact on the environment, and want to offset their car’s carbon emissions.

In order to help, Captain Compare provides the ability to complete a simple online form, which will provide quotes for Comprehensive Car Insurance from the insurers who have agreed to compare their policies on this site. Using the intuitive interface, it’s simply a matter of selecting those features that are most important to you to re-rank the policies and review the features and benefits they have in common, and those that are specific to a particular policy.

The ability to use a single interface to find the right policy to suit your circumstances can save you time and money. Calling several insurance companies in Australia, or completing quotes on each of their websites, can be a time-consuming experience, and it doesn’t take long for people to settle for the first reasonable price to be presented to them.

Captain Compare understands the frustration that can come from this, so now you can get quotes from multiple brands in one easy online process, then review the key features of these on a single page and be put in contact directly with the insurance provider to buy. Take the time to make use of the ability to re-rank your results, and check the policy features and benefits to make sure the policy you purchase is the right one for you. Remember Captain Compare doesn’t yet compare all of the products available to you in Australia, but it does compare some of the most competitive policies in the market.