New South Wales (NSW) has over 7 million residents with approximately 4.5 million of these residents living in Sydney alone, making it one of the most populous states in Australia. Furthermore, according to the NSW government over half of the population in Sydney own their own car. With so many cars on the road it’s important to ensure you and your vehicle are adequately protected with insurance.

Many of us use our cars every day and in the event of an accident we need to be sure we have access to a hire car to stay on the road. Others catch public transport or work from home and would like to save money due to the fact they are not driving as frequently. An increasing number of people are conscious of their car’s impact on the environment and want to offset their car’s carbon emissions.

One of the most extensive ways to protect yourself is with comprehensive car insurance cover. This level of coverage will keep you insured for damage to your car but also damage caused to other people’s property as well.

Captain Compare is here to help you compare some of the car insurance policies in NSW. At Captain Compare you’re able to compare insurance from a number of insurance brands around Australia simply by filling out one quote form. You can then rank and re-rank your results by a variety of criteria, including the policy features offered. Investigating your options, from researching insurer’s websites to using comparison services like Captain Compare, could help you to make more accurate and well informed decisions when it comes to purchasing your comprehensive car insurance.

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