The Great Southern Touring Route is one of the most famous drives in Australia with people coming to Victoria from all over the world to experience the famous drive. Victoria (VIC) is lucky enough to have this attraction which will take you through The Grampians and along the Great Ocean Road. This is however, only one of the many driving holidays that Victoria has to offer. With such a spectacular coastline it’s no wonder that one of the most popular ways to travel around Melbourne and Victoria is on the road with a car.

With so many cars on the road, you should make sure that you have an appropriate level of insurance to protect you from other drivers but also in the unfortunate event that you may be at fault. The most basic level of insurance is Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CPT) where you’re covered for any injury caused to another person when your vehicle is involved. This is the minimum level of car insurance required by law. If you’re looking to protect your car when you’re deemed to be at fault then you should consider taking out comprehensive car insurance.

Not all insurance policies offered in Victoria are the same and you should compare car insurance in Victoria to find a policy that’s suitable to your needs. At Captain Compare you can compare a variety of car insurance brands all in one place.

At Captain Compare simply fill out one online quote form and you will be presented with quotes from different car insurance brands. You can then rank and re-order your results by a variety of criteria, including the policy features included and compare the results. This will allow you to review a variety of brands and compare those you are interested in all at the same time. Investigating your options, from researching insurer’s websites to using comparison services like Captain Compare, could help you to make more accurate and well informed decisions when it comes to purchasing your comprehensive car insurance.

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