INFOGRAPH: Top Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Save Money

Petrol prices burning a hole in your pocket? You’re not alone. Fuel costs will continue to rise due to the basic economics of supply and demand. So unless you plan on getting rid of your trusty vehicle and turning to alternative transportation, reducing fuel consumption is one of the best things you can do to lessen the pain at the pump. Fortunately, there are a number of incredibly efficient cars on the market today, as well as several techniques to maintain and, in some cases, improve your current vehicle’s fuel economy, as depicted in the infographic below.

Purchasing a vehicle that is more fuel efficient could save you hundreds in fuel costs over the course of a year, so pay attention to the Fuel Consumption Label at the dealership. We’ve charted out how the different fuel types compare to one another, as well as how Australia’s best selling cars stack up to the most fuel efficient cars on the market. How does 3.6L/100km compare to what you’re getting? That’s what the best diesel engine can do. Even petrol comes in at the low mark of 4.4L/100km.

Keep in mind that the numbers we’ve charted are the combined fuel consumption values. Urban values can be anywhere from 20-50 percent higher than the combined value, while the extra urban values are typically lower (except hybrids). You may experience different values than what is indicated on the label because fuel consumption depends on traffic conditions, personal driving habits, and vehicle maintenance. To see complete data for the vehicles we’ve listed and others on sale in Australia, check out the Green Vehicle Guide – it’s a great resource to compare vehicle fuel economy and emissions.

If the purchase of a new vehicle isn’t in sight, don’t worry; we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to maintain your current car’s fuel economy. Try removing unnecessary cargo, limiting idling, and avoiding sudden acceleration and braking.


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