Petrol Prices Australia

Petrol prices in Australia continue to rise. In order to reduce the burden of high fuel prices when filling up, drivers should aim to buy fuel at the cheapest price possible.

What determines fuel prices in Australia?

Petrol prices in Australia are determined by competition, international benchmark prices, taxes and other costs and margins, such as the discount petrol price cycles and the current Australian dollar exchange rate.

Why do petrol prices vary so much between city and rural areas?

Australia is a large and vast country, which means it is logistically harder to supply certain regional areas with fuel. Higher transport costs are then added to a higher pump price. So Sydney petrol prices, Perth petrol prices and Brisbane petrol prices will differ greatly compared to regional fuel prices.

This explains why the unit price of regional fuel is generally higher. If less traffic is passing through smaller towns, there is less incentive for service stations to pass on discounted fuel to customers when their aim is to get a higher volume of sales.

On the plus side, the Australian Competitor and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have reported that regional fuel prices tend to respond slower to changing fuel prices. This means that they are slower to fall and rise when petrol price changes are seen around the country.

Another factor driving Australian petrol prices is competition. Petrol prices Perth and petrol prices Brisbane may have different levels of competition between petrol pump operators, so obviously the greater competition present in any given area means cheap petrol prices. The good news is that discounts spawned from this retail competition provide Australian motorists with the opportunity to access cheap petrol prices on a regular basis.

So how do you know when petrol prices in Australia are at their cheapest? Take advantage of the Captain Compare free fuel comparison service and you can find some of the cheapest fuel prices in your area in seconds. Just enter your postcode or suburb and the fuel type you're after (unleaded, diesel, LPG) and a list of petrol prices will appear for your area.

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