CTP Greenslip Quotes

For those of you who live in Queensland and New South Wales, you have a choice of CTP provider.

So how can you save time comparing quotes for CTP when your car registration falls due?

It's easy. Captain Compare can assist.

By following the links to the relevant State Government’s CTP quote calculator, you will be able to compare quotes and purchase CTP cover online.

In NSW, the CTP regulatory body is the MAA (Motor Accident Authority). They have developed a “Green Slip Calculator ®” to assist customers compare CTP prices and purchase their green slip online.

For QLD customers, the MAIC (Motor Accident Insurance Commission) have developed a “CTP Premium Calculator” which will provide you with online quotes for CTP in your State.

For the States and Territories of Australia that do not offer a choice of CTP insurer, Captain Compare has provided you with information and links on how to obtain CTP pricing information for your State.

Remember, a CTP greenslip protects you from personal injury claims made from other parties in an accident.

If you're after comprehensive car insurance you need not look further. Captain Compare allows you to compare up to 10 quotes all at the same time.

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