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Queensland is known as being the Sunshine State in Australia so Queenslanders it’s no surprise that most Queenslanders own a car to take advantage of the outdoors. According to the statistics from Queensland Transport, if you were to take the number of cars added to Queensland roads from 2006 to 2008 alone, you would create a traffic jam that stretches from Tweed Heads to Mackay. The number of cars added to the South-East Queensland region, including the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, made up for 70% of these extra vehicles or an additional 254,684 vehicles.

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With the number of cars on Queensland roads growing rapidly, it’s important to ensure that you have the appropriate level of car insurance to protect you in case you’re ever involved in an accident. There are many choices on the market so to compare car insurance in QLD, you should spend time researching the variety of options available to you when choosing the right comprehensive car insurance for you.

At Captain Compare you could save time and money with a fast and easy way to compare a range of different car insurance prices in once spot. The Captain brings together a range of Australian brands to assist you in finding a deal that's suitable for your needs.

If finding a good deal on your car insurance policy is important to you then Captain Compare can help. At Captain Compare you’re able to compare some of the car insurance policies in QLD and rank and re-order your results by a variety of criteria, including the policy features included. This will allow you to review a variety of brands and compare those you are interested in all at the same time. Investigating your options, from researching insurer's websites to using comparison services like Captain Compare, could help you to make more accurate and well informed decisions when it comes to purchasing your comprehensive car insurance.

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